Getting A Brilliant Red For Your Dreads

Red is love and passion for your beloved dreads!

It’s no secret that this seasons hot look is red dreads to give you a youthful and vibrant look. Even Rihanna has them and she looks #dreadfab!

Starde’s Red was carefully chosen by our colourists to refresh the classical dreadlock style. It’s stylish and original, yet you’ll still be sporting all the all-natural power of dreads. As opposed to black and brown, red works best to compliment your skin in a new way, or to add a striking highlight to your personality.

Starde Red is a happy balance between a stylish look and enjoying the dreadlock lifestyle.


Wrong Colour!

But even if you can’t wait to go red, the problem some people have when dyeing is getting unexpected results.

Either the red won’t take to their hair, as if it didn’t work at all, or they find themselves stuck with a dull colour after dyeing. In this case your dreads could become slightly tinted with red but are still too dark to notice the change in colour. That can be disappointing, especially if you’ve done everything right.

Thankfully, that’s about to change!

To help you get a professional salon hair-colouring look at home, we asked our stylists for a quick lesson…


Professional Advice

To get a perfectly red shade for your dreads all you need to do is understand how the dyeing process changes depending on the colour of your hair. It doesn’t get more complicated. It simply means that you may have to prepare your hair slightly differently before you begin dyeing.

Firstly, your hair is probably in a good condition to take on a nice rich shade of red if you want it. The truth is most people’s hair will colour well with Starde Red, but the problem arises when you’re trying to colour very dark dreads.

It’s like writing with a black pen on a blackboard!

You’re not likely to see anything written there. Similarly, it’s important for you to take a closer look at your own hair as a preparation step before dyeing it. Is it jet black or more of a dark brown? The darker the colour of your hair, the more you’ll require bleaching first before attempting to dye your hair.


Preparing For Good Results


Our colourist’s advise that the reason for this is pretty much the same as when you get your home professionally painted.

Even though painting over an old colour seems to make it disappear, the new colour doesn’t show as vibrantly if you don’t prepare the walls properly. Priming the walls first is a necessary step to make the new colour reflect well in the light, and the same is true when adding colour to your hair.

So dark coloured dreads need to be lightened first with bleach.

By doing so, you essentially prepare your hair to taking on the red colour. And when properly prepared, you get the results you want every time.

Of course if your hair is very dark in colour, say jet black for instance, then you may need to bleach it more than once to lighten it sufficiently before colouring on Starde’s brilliant red. Blonde and other variations of yellow or lighter brown hair may not need bleach to go red. They’re light enough already to take on Starde Red.

How Much Is Enough?

And how much bleaching is enough?

Well that depends, our colourists say. Try to aim at no more than two bleaches to lighten your hair for a red dye treatment. That’ll take you two shades lighter and that’s usually enough for most dark hair to go red.

Also, bleaching intelligently wont damage your hair.

Starde’s Red Dye has been tested in professional laboratories so we’re sure it’ll work well for you. On each box you’ll also see the specific colour code of the dye inside, and that can also help you decide whether you need to bleach your hair or not before dyeing.

What’s important to us at Starde is the health of your hair and scalp, so our stylists always recommend consulting a professional when bleaching. Bleaching in fact will soon be a thing of the past once we introduce ‘Starde Pre-Bleach’ which will allow you to lighten your hair without bleaching. It’s developed on the latest technology and is the safest method of hair lightening available today.

3 Simple Steps to Brilliant Reds

So on professional advice:

  1. Once you’ve decided to go red, first examine your current hair colour to decide how dark it is.
  2. Secondly, decide whether your hair needs bleaching to be treated red. And if so, how much lighter do you need to go?
  3. Lastly, get the Starde Red hair colouring product of your choice and simply follow the instructions in the box (shown alongside) for a professional no-fuss redhead treatment at home!

Remember, all Starde hair colour products feature our unique spray-on applicator. It’s the easiest way to apply colour to your hair and will save you hours in the salon because you simply spray it on and you’re done!


And once you’re a sparkling redhead, remember to tweet us your #dreadfab pictures on social media!

Happy hair days!


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